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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Kimball’s community garden continues to grow thanks to the partnership with the Spaulding Altgeld Corner Farm.  Recently, a fence was installed around the perimeter by Sol Food Mobile Farm; and Kimball was featured on a news story about Sol Food.  The Garden was meant to bless our neighbors.  It’s blessing us too.  Click the link to watch the news story.


Commentary by Pastor Buce Ray

Nobody has asked me for my opinion, but that’s never stopped me from sharing it with anyone who is interested.  This whole Chic-Fil-A controversey needs a response. 

As you may be aware, Alderman Proco Joe Moreno of Chicago’s 1st Ward said that he will not approve a CFA in his ward because of the owner’s opposition to gay marriage.  Mayor Rahm Emmanuel concurred that CFA’s values are not Chicago’s values.  The Mayor of Boston said that CFA is not welcome in his city.  So Mike Huckabee promoted CFA Appreciation Day when thousands of people–many of them church-going, Bible believing, moral people–lined up to buy a chicken sandwich in support of the business owner.  CFA had it’s biggest sales day ever.  (The company posted revenue of 4.1 BILLION dollars last year.  That’s a lot of chicken!) 

I’m sure cows and pigs are very happy about this latest skirmish in the ongoing culture wars, but I’m not.  I actually find it hypocritical and disturbing.  Christians will purchase chicken sandwiches to support a traditional definition of marriage, yet at the same time they will not hesitate to purchase a shirt made by workers that are chained to their sewing machines.  They will spend their money at stores that promise the lowest prices without thinking about the part time minimum-wage workers behind the cash register that have no benefits while the corporate boss is making multiple millions.  They will unquestioningly place retirement funds in mutual funds without considering that most mutual funds invest in companies that destroy the environment, promote addictions, and supply the weapons for violence and war.  Something is wrong (or at least inconsistent) with our morality system.  Church-going, “moral” people have a pretty narrow definition of sin.  Homosexuals are condemned as sinners, but we conveniently forget that idolaters (greed is idolatry), slanderers, oppressive employers and gluttons will not inherit the kingdom of God.  Self-identified Christians are as likely to serve mammon as self-identified gays and lesbians.  Self-identified Christians are as likely to act out prejudice (think James 2) as a transgendered person–maybe more likely. 

I have no problem with people who use their economic clout to make a moral statement.  There are certain stores I will not frequent because of their personnel policies.  I shop at the local hardware store because Im believe it builds up the community.  But I think I need to ask myself larger questions than the one being asked by the Chic-Fil-A controversy.  The question is not “Who supports traditional marriage?”  The larger question is “Does this purchase support the justice and Shalom that God desires for all creation?”  The answer demands a lot of thought, self-evaluation and research.  And the answer may result in very different economic decisions.

And for the record, I haven’t eaten at Chic-Fil-A…ever.  There aren’t any in my ward; I avoid high calorie, high fat, high sodium “fast food”; I lean vegetarian (with some fish thrown on the side).  And before I would–should the opportunity arise–I would want to do more research asking the bigger question.