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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Ash Wednesday
By Jim Burklo

On my forehead,
A sign of the cross,
Smudged in ash from the fire
That burned down the McMansion of my hubris,
And, with it,
The money I should have given away,
The television I used to numb my senses,
The carpet I should have been called on,
The doors I should have opened to others,
The envelopes I should have used
To send letters of love,
The wise books I shelved prominently
So that others would think I had read them,
The blank places in my photo albums
Where my darker moments should have been remembered,
The calendars where visits with the people who needed me most
Should have been scheduled,
The couch of my complacency,
The lounge-chair of my laziness,
The shirts I stuffed with my pride,
The moccasins I should have traded with others
So we could have walked miles in them.

On my forehead,
A sign of the crossroad
Where I can turn from the way of ruin
To the way of life.


Each year, our church embarks on a 40 day corporate fast to fulfill God’s call to “true fasting”.  This year, we are limited our food budgets to share our food with the hungry.  It’s called, “Fasting For Feasting.”  Check it out and read the entire “Lenten Compact” at or the church web site at

Observe Lent; Remember Good Friday; Celebrate Easter