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In the spirit of Mary’s song (Luke 1:46-55) describing the impact of God’s arrival in the world through the baby forming within her, Pastor Ray wrote his own version of the Magnificat, describing what he hopes the world will look like when the Kingdom of God comes in fullness.

This is Advent—not a sad event.

It’s time to reflect—time to believe.

So don’t be anxious; do not grieve.

God is with us; the world is changed.

Everything is being rearranged.

Politicians with grand aspirations

are subject to the Lord of the nations.

The Judge of judges decides the fate

Of those who torture and incarcerate.

Guns and drones are null and void;

Generals are among the unemployed.

The filthy rich are sent to the shower;

The poor have equal earning power.

Living wages are the law of the land.

No more accounting slight of hand;

The 1 Percent have to pay.

Finally, the rest of us have time to play.

Titans of industry intent on profit

No longer control the economic market

Oil barons, fracking gas,

Are brought to their knees and kicked in the ass.

I hear the sigh of all creation

celebrating the end of subjugation.

The powerful are dissed;

The classes are dismissed.

Every color is embraced;

Every difference equally graced.

Glass ceilings are shattered;

no women and children battered;

Violence is rejected,

the vulnerable protected.

There is shouting in the streets,

and dancing to the beats

Hands are raised, but not in fear.

The kingdom reign of Christ is near!

Hands up! Praise the Lord!

Stand Up! Spread the word!

Sing the chorus;

God is for us!

Laugh and move your feet and say:

This is the beginning of God’s new day.

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