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God’s Prescription for Wellness: Furry Friends

Yesterday, traumatized students returned to Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL–many of them showing symptoms of PTSD.  But students and staff weren’t the only ones walking the hallways. Golden Retrievers were there too to provide mental health support.  Nineteen Emotional Support Animals from Lutheran Church Charities K-9 unit have been in Florida since the shooting.  Their presence at the memorial site has aided students and parents with grief.

There is growing use of Emotional Support Animals as a mental health treatment plan. While the data is still being collected, one study demonstrated an 82% reduction of PTSD symptoms through use of a ESA.

Dogs, cats and rabbits are regularly showing up in hospitals and nursing homes to help patients with symptoms of depression, anxiety and even reducing inflammation/pain.  And the benefits go beyond the placebo effect.  Studies have shown that the sound frequency level of a purring cat (20-50 hz) reduces muscle inflammation, promotes bone growth and increases joint flexibility.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! May the blessings be.

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