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“My Name is Legion” – Part 2

“Legion Comes to Geresa”

Geresa was one of 10 cities on the east side of the sea of Galilee that were known as “Decapolis.”  When Rome initially took control of the region, the people resisted the colonial advancement.  Rome responded with brutal force–sending at least one large division of the Roman military, called a Legion, to squash the resistance.  Whole communities were murdered, some were sold into slavery or imprisoned, and others escaped with just their lives.  Rome then resettled the area, giving the land to soldiers as payment for their military service.

The land became the possession and was occupied by Legion; and in turn Legion took possession and occupied the people.  The Roman military was the visible presence of Roman occupation.  Legion was the enforcer of Roman “peace.”  Legion was the reminder that “resistance is futile.”

The crazy man from the graveyard was the victim of Rome, possessed and insane because of Roman colonialism.  Roman occupation, Roman imperialism and Roman oppression had been toxic to this man’s wellbeing.  Rome had stripped this man of his humanity, robbed him spiritually, and destroyed his mind.  And as a result, he became the walking dead.

This story sounds all too familiar.

Tomorrow… Part 3.  “Legion Comes to America”

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