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‘The Mass Shooting Generation’

On Saturday, March 24, a group from Kimball Avenue Church joined thousands of students, parents and grandparents in Chicago’s “March for our Lives.” We heard teens tell stories of loss of family members and friends due to gun violence.  We felt their grief.  And we felt their anger and frustration with adults who do not seem to care about their lives and do not act to protect them.

Children who were born after the year 1999 are being called ‘The Mass Shooting Generation.’ They were born immediately after the Columbine High School massacre and have witnessed Sandy Hook, Aurora, Virginia Tech, San Bernardino, Pulse, Parkland and more.

This is a traumatized generation–a generation with deep wounds, embedded fear, and building mistrust in adults.  As a society, we have done little to heal them.  Instead of providing comfort and protection, we have removed the supports kids need to thrive.  Rather than budgeting more funding for mental health services, our leaders have cut what little existed.

Our children do not need more ‘thoughts and prayers.’ Our children need to see adults willing to take action to preserve their lives and willing to show compassion in the midst of their suffering.  Their mental health–and our future–depends on it.

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