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Category Archives: Future

What an amazing day we shared on Sunday, January 12.  At the beginning of the service, prayed that God would grant us wisdom, and the Holy Spirit moved among us–not only giving us wisdom and discernment but also bonding us to one another even more deeply to prepare us to move into the world.

We worshiped, celebrated God’s movement among us and prayed together that God would build the kingdom here and now through the church.  We recognized our fears and anxieties about the future, confessing them and renouncing them.  We discerned the course God wants to take, and we committed to moving forward–leaving the old behind and entering the new place God has for us.  “Move Forward” became the unofficial tag line for the day.

We also took action in regard to proceeding with the landscape/labyrinth design.  Starting this spring, we will begin implementing the “organic design” developed by the youth of Voice of the City.  The photo gives a view of the basic design we’ve selected, though some details may change or be added.  We are excited about these next steps as we minister to the community through an expanded, reconfigured “farm” and new spaces for spiritual reflection, socializing, and outreach.